Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 8/19/2001

Well, it's really more of a progress report than a wrap up. We didn't do any Science this week because we have not found a routine that allows us to get everything done. There are other subjects too that we didn't complete everything, but at least we got some done. Although this is our third year of homeschooling, this is the first year that I've done anything formal with Ladybug. So while I am trying to work with Scout, Ladybug is chomping at the bit for me to work with her, and vice verse.

Scout finished through lesson 96 in Saxon 3. She moves pretty quick through her math when she's not playing around, but after being told how to do something once, she knows it. I expect her to complete Saxon 3 (140 lessons) by the middle of next month. Ladybug did several math lessons this week, too many really. I do not want to go over stuff so fast that she forgets, I'd rather us take our time so she gets a good solid foundation. So even if she has worked ahead and completed a lesson, we will still review it if that's what lesson we should be on in our schedule. Saxon does a fair amount of review on it's own, but I don't want to skimp here.

Ladybug has finished through letter W (they are not taught in order) in her Primary Phonics K book. Once she knows a letter sound quite well she gets to color that letter and put it on her coconut tree(think Chicka Chicka Boom Boom). So far she has a  W, H, S, T, N, A, E. I'll post pictures later when the house isn't a mess, I'll probably have to hurry and snap a shot right after chores are done! She has also done LOTS of handwriting practice in those letters. Hopefully she will have a real interest in reading soon. that was the real purpose of the coconut tree.

As far as History goes, we finished through chapter 5 in Red Sails To Capri. Scouts narration has improved a great deal just this week. I think the improvement has come because I haven't tried to make her sit still and listen. Instead I have let her color timeline stickers while I read. We marked the location of Capri on our world map. Both girls were excited to see that it was in Italy, that is their favorite country of course because of how it is shaped.

This was the last week of YMCA sessions. So the girls had their last week of swimming, gymnastics, and cheer leading. there is now a two week break (a break that I REALLY need) before the next session starts.

There are other less interesting subjects of course that we worked on. Spelling, grammar, handwriting, etc...Oh, and we will switch over to Total Language Plus once I get the book The Courage of Sarah Noble from Amazon. That is the book the TLP study guide is for. Can't wait for that!

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